Jump into Jumpsuit Season

I've never been a huge fan of the jumpsuit.

I have a larger derrière for my frame, to be blunt, and rompers and jumpsuits have never quite fit right. I've always loved the look on others, and I so desperately wished at night before I went to sleep that I could pull off those trendy rompers from LF or Nasty Gal. But alas, through the years, it seemed the Lord did not grace me with the perfectly curved butt to wear them. 

HOWEVER. Ever since I've started working at a beach city boutique for the summer, life has taken a turn for Ariana Mozafari.

Working at the boutique definitely has its perks--I get to try on all the cute incoming styles before ANYONE ELSE in San Clemente, CA gets to have them (see below). So ha. (But at the same time, all my paychecks are being spent on the clothes I'm supposed to sell to my customers...oops). 

All the above photos are taken from Felicity Boutique in San Clemente's Instagram, @felicityboutiquesc. 

Alas, boutique life has yielded me with one great joy: I now officially own ONE jumpsuit and ONE romper. ~Life is good.~

I'm absolutely in love with this navy casual Michael Stars romper. To be honest, I actually had no idea who Michael Stars was or that he had a clothing line until after I started working at Felicity Boutique. So there's a fashionista for ya. 

Flattering and comfortable. Paired with Eric Michael sandals. 

Here's why I love jumpsuits: you wake up in the morning and know exactly what you're going to wear for the day. No searching through your closet for hours to find the perfect match of a top and bottom--you've got your outfit ready to go!

Also, they're super comfortable. Unless you have to pee. 

To dress up a jumpsuit, pair with wedges, bold lipstick, and hoop earrings. I can already imagine that--so hot. A high and tight pony tail would also complement the fashion forward look. Something like this:

To keep it casual, pair a jumpsuit with high top converse, casual sneakers or sandals. If it's chillier, jean jackets oftentimes complement the look well. 

I guess I also want to show off my romper since I'm in love with it. Only at Felicity Boutique ;) 

Olivaceous romper with a vintage Gucci bag. Ready to Road trip. 

So you know what? For readers of this post who are hesitant about jumpsuits and rompers because of your bootylicious-ness, I seriously dare you. I dare you to go out this summer and try on these pieces that are out of your comfort zone.

Try and try again, let fitting rooms become your well-known friends: Lord knows how many rompers and jumpsuits I've tried in the past.

But finally, finally, oh it feels so nice to finally be able to pull these one-pieces off with confidence. 

Try smaller boutiques, different fits and cuts--these one-pieces are so in this summer, so you're bound to find them wherever you go shopping.

I've put together a little look book for you of my favorite rompers/jumpsuits of the season. Jump into it. ;) xx