AnonymouS Bar: Cocktail Heaven for "V for Vendetta" Fans

Prague: a stunning, untouched city of ancient pastel-colored buildings, cobblestones, and beautiful bridges. So stunning, in fact, that Hitler apparently spared this city from war bombings to someday become the arts capital of Nazi Europe. This Czech city is more than its stupefying architecture, however; as soon as you get a first glimpse of the graffitied walls of downtown, you can feel artistic rebellion in the air.

Image Credit:   Alexandra Korba

Image Credit: Alexandra Korba

Prague has a thriving underground culture, and I was lucky enough to have my indie/artsy friends show me the coolest spots of the city. Besides the well-known Lennon wall (as pictured above), the awesome metronome that hovers over Prague’s hilltop skatepark, and huge politically-inspired murals that cover the city walls, my friends showed me one final hidden gem that I couldn’t believe existed: a bar themed entirely off my favorite film, “V for Vendetta.”

If you haven’t watched the film, I highly recommend you to stop reading right now and find a way to watch it–I don’t care if you have to stream it illegally. For those of you who have watched this movie, you know that streaming the film illegally online is the *only* right way to pay homage to its message.

The bar is AnonymouS. Yes, with a capital S. And yes, all of the drinks really are based off of major themes from the movie.

As soon as you enter, you’re handed the quirky AnonymouS menus, which are DVD cases with unlabeled disks sitting mysteriously on the inside. The first two pages of the menu are completely blank. However, if you read the cover of the English menu, you’ll find that in order to unlock a secret menu of drinks named after obscure operations, you’ll have to utter a “secret password” to the bartenders.

These highly-skilled guys, who sport Guy Fawkes masks while they make drinks, ensure that you’ll get your history lesson on the operations while you drink. Despite the maybe intimidating aura of the bar, however, the barmen here are silly guys who really love to show off how quickly they can whip up a complicated drink while wearing a plastic mask.

Drinks are pricy for Prague, which makes these intricately-made drinks still a steal if you calculate how much you’re spending in American dollars. For a fancy-schmancy cocktail that would cost around $20 at any upscale American cocktail bar, you’ll end up paying around $9-10 at AnonymouS and other higher-end bars in Prague. And their presentation is impeccable: drinks are served in little wooden dog houses to giant syringes.

A rose petal garnish recalls symbolism from “V for Vendetta,” when protagonist “V” would leave a rose on each person he killed.

A rose petal garnish recalls symbolism from “V for Vendetta,” when protagonist “V” would leave a rose on each person he killed.

The walls at AnonymouS Bar are covered in quotes from “V for Vendetta.”

The walls at AnonymouS Bar are covered in quotes from “V for Vendetta.”

Also, it’s very politically-fitting that AnonymouS Bar, which is based off a movie that promotes the questioning of authority, is located in a country that recently emerged from communist rule. There’s no better place for a bar like AnonymouS than Prague, not only because of the underground and artsy atmosphere, but also the appropriate history of politics.

If you’re interested in visiting this bar during your visit to Prague, it’s not easily accessible. If you don’t look sharply enough, you could easily miss AnonymouS while walking down the street–it’s tucked away slightly off the main road, recognizable only by a large Guy Fawkes mask. Check out the bar and “V for Vendetta” fans, I’m warning you: you are gonna fangirl so hard. If you want to visit other underground bars in Prague, my savvy film-studying friends also recommended Hemingway Bar, which is similar in the amazing amount of detail that goes into the experience of a night spent at a cocktail bar.