Les Préparations

Preparing to move to another country is no walk in the park.

In order to live in France, you have to overcome a variety of legal and logistical obstacles to prove your French worthiness. An example of the mundane tasks to complete includes figuring out how you're going to continue taking your American meds, finding a roof over your head, translating important documents to French for the notorious prefecture visits and most importantly, obtain a visa.

The Visa

Surprise surprise, this little treasure came TODAY in the mail!

I know it seems like just a little sticker in a book, but in fact, this visa is the symbol of my new legal life in Paris. I can live there for a whole year. HOW EXCITING.

The process for getting the visa isn't terribly difficult. Check out your French consulate's website for the documents you have to put together before making an appointment. 

Visiting the consulate in LA was nerve-wracking. But exciting, because it was my first opportunity in a long time to see if I could speak French well enough to trick people into thinking one of my parents was French or something. 

I dressed to impress, of course. 

Well, my French didn't flow as easily as I hoped; I was so nervous. But I could tell the guy processing my papers appreciated it. He even responded to me in French!!! I was flattered, but this probably wasn't a very good idea as now I'm clueless as to the next steps I'm supposed to take with the OFII once i'm actually in France. (LOL still too flattered to care.)

Updates on My Housing Sitch, If You Care

I've been trying to find housing through the American University in Paris for my first semester in Paris. I ideally wanted to be with children, because I love kids and I just relate to them better than the adults in this world who are constantly wearing poker faces and miscommunicating their feelings with tricky words loaded with hidden meanings. Kids are just easy. They're real. And they're fun to practice the language with.

Anyhow, I finally got my housing placement today: I got placed with a French family (WOOHOO!), which is great news for my French!!! I'll be living with a French mom and pop and their 18-year old son (oh la la) and another student at the American University of Paris. We'll both get our own rooms and private bathrooms.

And the icing on the cake? The family's apartment is located in the 16th arrondissement of Paris. AKA, diplomat and ambassador haven. All of Paris' wealthiest find their homes here. It's an absolutely stunning and totally safe area of Paris; parks abound and the Bois de Boulogne, Paris' largest park and outdoor haven, is a few minutes away.

**Heaven is a place on earth with my home stay family.......**


T-20 days until the big move. Can't wait. Longing and dreaming of Paris every day... xx