I Sell Self Confidence, Not Clothes

Everyone wants to feel beautiful. Every woman wants to feel sexy and confident in front of her man. Every man wants to know that his beer belly isn't as apparent as he thought it was.

Once you step foot in my boutique, you will not leave with a new shirt, but with that excited feeling to wear that shirt at your next BBQ.

Honestly, I am appalled when I step into another boutique and I receive basically no help when I'm shopping. When you step into my boutique, I am your best friend, here to make you feel good about your body or your hair or the color of your eyes. You step in here, and you're going to leave appreciating the beautiful little things that make you unique.

Here is a comprehensive 5-step plan for selling clothes to anyone, and that I think every salesperson should adhere to. Yes, anyone. I've sold rings to 5-year olds and Mandarin collar dress shirts to middle-aged men. Who even knows what a Mandarin collared shirt is? I sure don't, but I can make someone feel their best while wearing it--and that's the point of this whole article.

STEP 1: Take 1 second to say hello to the customer. I cannot tell you how many times I've walked into Brandy Melville and the girls working in the store stare me down, zombie-eyed and unsmiling. The first key step to improving your sales is establishing that you want the customer in your store, that you're excited to embark on this *shopping adventure* with them. The customer is stepping into your kingdom--give them a royal greeting. They'll be more inclined to look around when they've established communication with the shopkeeper, as opposed to throwing a few pieces around and then leaving silently. Make them commit!

STEP 2: Affirm their interest. Shopping is incredibly psychological. If you see a customer eyeing a piece for more than two seconds, let them know how cute that top is when tried on or how fast it's been selling. You have to make the customer feel like he or she has good fashion sense, and that they're on the right track of choosing what's "trendy" or "hot." 

STEP 3: Point out what makes the piece unique. If the interest in the piece continues, walk over and give some extra individual lovin' for the item. For example: "This shirt is so cute because of the details on the bottom, did you see these pom poms?" or, "This is a gorgeous color blue and would actually go great with your complexion." 

STEP 4: Take the initiative to start a fitting room. Trap the customer in the store by kindly offering to take their selection to an open dressing room. This will allow the customer to freely peruse the store without lugging pieces around, encouraging them to look at every item with fresh eyes and open arms. Also, if you've started them a fitting room, you've basically got them secured for step #5, where you'll go in for the kill. 

STEP 5: Who cares about the clothes themselves? I just want to look gooooood. Here's where you'll win your Oscar in The Art of Selling. Make sure to interact while the customer is trying different pieces on, asking to see the pieces they like. When they step out smiling, emphasize to the highest degree "HOW CUTE THIS TOP IS ON YOU!!!!!" The trick is to be the customer's step-in best friend, and not to lie (too much). When deciding between a horrific green sweater and a pretty, form-flattering blue tank, which would you recommend? Give your honest opinion. Everyone hates a salesperson who pushes every sale; this will ruin your authenticity. Push a mildly honest sale instead.

And, if possible, one of the best tips to follow is to wear the clothes you are selling. What's a better way to sell than by confidently strutting around in a hot top that looks WAY hotter on? Take advantage of that employee discount and model like you're getting paid for it. xx

Case and point: this romper wasn't looked at ONCE until I decided to wear it during a shift one day.